Whistling for the Jaguar

The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death.

Why I am here

Close to three years ago I became the whistle-blower that initiated the federal investigation into the snaring and death of the United States only known resident jaguar, Macho B.  Unfortunately, it was all for naught as absolutely nothing has changed in jaguar conservation for the benefit and protection of these incredibly rare and magnificent animals.  I’ve been working on a book about Macho B’s death but with the announcement of a new jaguar research project taking place in Arizona and the documentation of a new jaguar in Arizona this past November it feels like time is of the essence.  Therefore, this blog will be about Macho B’s snaring and death; the whole story.  The goal is to prevent another snared and dead jaguar.

If you are interested in knowing more about my involvement in Macho B’s case please click on the link posted below to an essay I wrote entitled, Truth and Consequences.  It was first published in the fall/winter 2011 edition of Three Coyotes, a literary and visual arts journal.

Brun 2011; Truth and Consequences

links to articles about jaguar photographed in November 2011 in southern Arizona and the new jaguar study can be found in the blogroll.


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5 thoughts on “Why I am here

  1. Glad to see this, Janay!

  2. Roseann Hanson on said:

    Thank you so much for doing this, Janay. We will read all of it, and continue following and helping as much as we can. For the jaguars!

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