Whistling for the Jaguar

The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death.

Last Tissue Analysis

I received the last analysis on Macho B’s tissues; this one done by a USGS lab. The two page document has approximately two words that aren’t medically related. I’ve spent many hours looking up definitions for everything but have decided on simplicity and will just give the diagnosis:

Moderate nephrosis and mild to multifocally moderate glomerulonephritis. Translation: Moderate kidney disease and mild to multifocally moderate renal disease.

Focally severe necrotizing duodenitis. Translation: Focally severe dead cells of inflamed duodenum (short part of small intestine that connects to stomach). The cause for the duodenitis could not be determined.

It is important to remember that none of the diagnostic labs were asked to determine if snaring Macho B caused his death or had any effect on his health or if the drug used to anesthetize him, Telazol, could have been a factor in his health or death. All labs were given tissue samples of his organs to simply analyze and diagnose .

Dr. Dean Rice, one of the attending vets at the Phoenix Zoo, has gone on record that “sedation probably aggravated his kidneys.” (see weblog for link to article referenced) In addition, during an interview with the USFWS agents in charge of the Macho B investigation, it was noted “Stress factor of capture is significant medical factor in addition to renal failure.”

Macho B was 16 years old (80 in human years) when he was captured. He was in the snare for an unknown amount of time and put up a good fight (pics to come in future post). He also broke a canine down to the root and was hypothermic. He was drugged with Telazol (more about this drug in future) and it took him six hours to recover (there is no reversal agent for Telazol). That was six hours for his kidneys to work overtime to metabolize the drug. I just don’t see how an argument can be made that snaring and collaring Macho B had no effect on his health or death.


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