Whistling for the Jaguar

The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death.

Lead up to snaring

Feb.10: AZGFD snares checked by Smith.

Feb.11: Snares checked and deactivated by Smith.

Feb.13: Crabb emails conservation geneticist, Melanie Culver, of the University of Arizona about how much blood to collect from snared animals, and how to properly store it until the samples are brought to the lab. Culver believed Crabb was inquiring about lions as she had no idea Macho B was in the vicinity of the snares.

McCain thanks Blake Henke of North Star in an email for returning donated jaguar collar so quickly and informs him of fresh jaguar sign in the trapping area. Also inquires about field testing the collar and how to set up an account and password on the North Star website for the donated collar.

Feb.15: Smith returns to trapping area and re-activates the snares.

Feb.16: Snares checked by Smith and Crabb

McCain emails Henke and Smith inquiring about testing jaguar collar and suggesting that the collar be left on because of the remoteness of area where jaguar may be captured.

Smith turns on jaguar collar.

Feb.17: Snares checked by Smith

Feb.18: Snares checked by Smith and Crabb. They notice jaguar tracks in Penasco Canyon walking right through the snare that was set by Smith on Feb. 5 (by the jaguar and lion tracks found on that day). This snare did not deploy and catch Macho B because of human tampering (supposedly immigrants or drug smugglers). Smith and Crabb follow the jaguar tracks down the canyon trail to the next snare where they find Macho B trapped.


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