Whistling for the Jaguar

The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death.

Day 1: February 18, 2009

At approximately 9 AM Smith and Crabb found Macho B trapped in an AZGFD snare. Below is an image of how they found him. It is a difficult picture to decipher but in the black circle; Macho B’s front, left paw is attached to the tree while he lies prone on his right side, facing away from camera. Outside of the black circle and to the left of the frame is Smith pointing the dart rifle at Macho B.

At approximately 9:07 AM Macho B was darted with 400 mg of Telazol and according to Smith, “leapt to his feet, spun around, hissed and growled,” and Crabb or Smith took the photo below.

After about 13 minutes, Macho B was hobbled to be weighed and have his temperature and other vitals taken.

When it was discovered that Macho B’s temperature was four degrees below normal he was then placed on a sweatshirt to buffer him from the frosty ground and then laid out in the sun in an effort to warm him.

After six hours Macho B stumbled/walked away from his capture site; collared and ear-marked. Below is him after a stumble.

After Smith and Crabb collected all their equipment they left and drove to the top of the ranch road to make some calls. Smith first contacted Ron Thompson about the capture and they began, “yelling and hooping” over the phone. According to Thompson, Smith told him, “he felt he had overestimated the weight but handled the capture to the best of his ability, but that the recommended use of Telazol as the preferred capture drug prolonged the animal’s release.” They also discussed “the need for Thorry to immediately notify his supervisor, Kirby Bristow.”

Smith then called Bristow. According to Bristow,  he was “very surprised”  to hear that Thorry had just collared a jaguar. Bristow asked, “if Smith thought it was Macho B and he indicated it was.” Smith told Bristow, “he attached the jaguar collar that McCain had given him and he had removed the VHF transmitter for fear that someone with questionable motives might be able to get the frequency.” They then discussed general details of the capture.

At some point, Smith and/or Crabb leave a phone message for McCain whom is on vacation in Spain.


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