Whistling for the Jaguar

The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death.

Day 6: February 23

1. USFWS conversations about permits: “If there is a cooperative agreement in place, a state agency may take an endangered species with certain restrictions.” A redacted USFWS employee continues, ” So, I think they are covered as far as incidental take is concerned. Do we need to amend the permit to include the jaguar part?” Another redacted USFWS employee responds, “Part 5 of the regs say the species in question needs to be covered in the state’s cooperative agreement. Is Jaguar specifically mentioned in AGFD’s S6 agreement?” The response, “I’m not sure of what exactly the Sec 6 agreement says. That’s what we need to find out…”

2. McCain emails Smith: “A new point just came in. He is slowly moving up that ridge. He has gone another 50 meters or so as the crow flies… moving during the day like that may hopefully mean he is restless… I just want you to know that I think you did absolutely everything perfectly. Yes it was cold, that was not your fault. Yes, he was exhausted, you could not help that. What you did was to make every effort to reverse those two aspects as much as you could… You did a great job, and becouse (sic) of it he is going to be fine. And he is going to work wonders for us all.”

3. McCain emails Johnson: “Nothing is coming in yet. I assume this means that he has dropped over the ridge…In total he moved 400 meters over the last 24 hrs, working his way up a big rocky ridge. He was about to crest out and drop over a very steep slope into a deep canyon system. I am not sure how well the collar will be able to communicate with satellites in that canyon…”

4. McCain updates Johnson: ” So, our cat has made me put my foot in my mouth. After being on the crest of the ridge, heading northwest, he turned abruptly and dropped off the bluffs going due south… Two data points there suggest that he is again bedded for the day. He had moved 150 meters downhill.”

5. McCain emails Blake Henke of North Star: “Yes, I think he is Ok, just taking a little while to recover… As far as the moving status vs not moving… what signifies a moving collar? How much movement? How long receiving the not moving signal before you would start to get worried? I am not concerned right now…”

6. McCain emails Johnson the daily report: “Our jaguar moved around some last night on the ridge top and then dropped back down the slope to the south. He apparently was out in the open during the morning hours until 8:45 AM. Later in the day, he must have moved in out of the sun and out of communication with the satellites. I have not gotten a signal since…”

7. McCain responds to a BJDP volunteer who was in Phoenix and had inquired if more scat needed to be picked up at the zoo: ” I don’t think we need any scat just now. We just got our first batch from Reid Park. And I don’t think Janay has put that out yet. Not sure I have not heard anything from her. I hope she is not pissed about Macho B getting collared.”

8. Smith builds 3 new snare sets, but does not activate/open them, on a forest road close to Pena Blanca lake.


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