Whistling for the Jaguar

The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death.

Day 10: February 27

McCain emails Van Pelt an update on Macho B : ” Movements are getting smaller and we are receiving fewer and fewer locations… I am getting more concerned. I just spoke with Ron (Thompson). I want him and Thorry to go in and drop some food… I hope they can lace the meat with strong antibiotics and some anti-inflammatories (sic). They will also try to get visuals etc. I know you were in favor of this earlier so I assume you will not mind that I have basically informed them to proceed with the plan a few days earlier… We all just kind of agreed to just get on with it. He did ask to make sure you were on board. I said you had been and that I had been discouraging you. Well, now I am with you…”

Van Pelt responds: ” Spoke with Thorry and we will be going in tomorrow to check out the situation with Macho B. Please send me the coordinates for Macho B’s last known location, the location where we think he might have laid up on a kill, and the place where he got a drank (sic) of water. I have spoken with Steve Spangle (USFWS) and he has concurred for us to go in a (sic) take a look around and ascertain the situation. Thorry will be coming to my house in the morning and we will be driving down.”


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