Whistling for the Jaguar

The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death.

Two Bits

A bear biologist/Professor emails McCain the day after Macho B was euthanized: ” I heard some possible bad news from one of my students who was following up on the AZ jaguar – that it died from kidney failure? If so, did they use Telazol? I’m working with redacted (yellowstone grizzly) on the negative side effects of Telazol and dehydration, which results in kidney failure. I lost a bear in Mexico because of this. Not much published on the subject, so I’m interested to hear what happened.”

McCain forwards the email to Dr. Aguilar whom sends his response to McCain: ” I think any animal that is compromised can have a problem, but renal failure does not happen at that speed. It is usually a very slow process. Very few drugs cause kidneys to shut down. The histopath will tell us how fast this process was. And I think the animal was sick for a while before capture. Kidney dz is the most common cause of death in old felines. We can talk once all the results are in…Do you want me to answer this?”

McCain answers: ” fyi. leave me out of this please.” The biologist/Professor ends the email chain: ” I quit using it long ago. Too bad there is not enough data out there yet.”

Telazol is never brought up again in relation to a possible connection to Macho B’s health decline which ultimately lead to him being euthanized.

Also on March 3, 2009 McCain calls AZGFD Endangered Species Coordinator Terry Johnson. Johnson claims: ” McCain was concerned about his liability. Johnson responded that the jaguar capture was incidental, AZGFD employees caught the jaguar, McCain was not in the country and AZGFD and USFWS agreed to the euthanization. “As long as there was no intentional capture of that jaguar, we’re the ones who are accountable for that – AZGFD and several redacted words/names.” Johnson assumed the capture was incidental however McCain replied, “That’s not a safe assumption to make.” Johnson got mad and asked McCain to explain but he would not. McCain would only say that he was really concerned. Johnson told him to call a lawyer and that he could not talk to him anymore.”


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