Whistling for the Jaguar

The un-redacted story of the jaguar, Macho B's snaring and death.

Just a reminder…

Macho B on January 17, about a month away from being snared.  This photo was captured by a BJDP remote game camera. It was sent to me by McCain on February 3 and first published in the 2008 BJDP Progress Report.

The above two photos are of Macho B when he was snared on February 18. He walked away from the capture using all four limbs and nothing was noted about his hind, left leg which would be described as feeling like “bubble wrap” twelve days later at his recapture. Both photos are from AZGFD’s website.
Macho B awaiting transport to the Phoenix Zoo after being recaptured on March 2. Visual observations of his movements noted he walked like “a drunkard,” dragged his hind legs, and had lost twenty percent of his body weight since his initial capture twelve days prior. He would be euthanized hours later at the Zoo. Photo from AZGFD website.
Macho B on a taxidermist’s table one week after being euthanized. This picture and the one below were provided in my FOIA request.
Macho B’s leg wound that was not present on the day of his initial capture. The cause of the wound was
never determined. This wound was cited as one of the reasons for euthanizing Macho B.
If Macho B’s 13 year presence in southern Arizona was indicative of the health of his environment, lands that provided this apex predator with food, water, shelter, room to roam and in all probability a mate, then Macho B’s presence on a taxidermist’s table 19 days after being snared is indicative of the sickness in U.S. jaguar conservation.

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